Why Congoleum: Congoleum, the Resilient Expert

Congoleum has been, and still is, the resilient flooring expert since 1886. Over the decades Congoleum has honed and perfected our expertise surrounding resilient flooring. In past years, Congoleum did manufacture other types of flooring, including laminate and hardwood. Congoleum`s executive team felt that rather than try to be average at manufacturing several types of flooring, we wanted to be the best, most advanced and most knowledgeable resilient flooring manufacturer in the flooring industry. This knowledge and experience working with resilient flooring provides Congoleum with a significant advantage in the marketplace.

At Congoleum we understand which elements are most important during the planning and manufacturing stages to create the highest quality resilient flooring. To learn more about Congoleum`s strengths in manufacturing, see our manufacturing process or watch our video at learn how it`s made.

Today`s resilient flooring is a highly engineered combination of polymer materials. This means flooring created from carefully selected natural and synthetic materials. Polymers are large molecules composed of repeating structural units, which allow for increased strength and durability for the lifetime of the product.

Congoleum is the only USA flooring manufacturer that produces solely resilient flooring. This extreme focus on one category of flooring allows Congoleum to be intimately familiar with the most advanced technologies that can be incorporated with resilient sheet, tile and plank floors.

Because of this focus Congoleum is also ahead of the curve in style and design. Congoleum`s design team is constantly looking for ways to improve our designs and color offerings and is able to stay ahead of trends in the marketplace for resilient flooring.

Congoleum is the only U.S. manufacturer able to process 16` width materials, which allow for larger room sizes that will have no seam after installation is completed. Creating a surface that fills the entire room without a crack or crevice that may collect dirt or moisture is one of the advantages of resilient sheet. So to add that Congoleum is the only company able to make this wide width flooring, the advantages are many.

Congoleum is known in the industry as the technology leader for resilient flooring, this comes as no surprise, because of our expertise working with this category of flooring and the strength of our research and development team. Congoleum holds numerous patents for novel innovations that have been developed at Congoleum over the years. A few examples of this include:

  • 1970s: Chromabond® Protection System that provides a satin gloss finish to the floor and superior stain and mildew resistance
  • 1980s: Scuff Tuff® wearlayer that provides a high gloss urethane finish with exceptional scuff resistance
  • 1990s: BacStop® mildew protection that prevents discoloration due to mildew, bacteria and alkali
  • 2000s: Patented nylon and aluminum oxide wearlayer technology provides reinforced surface durability against stains and scratches
  • 2003: DuraCeramic® receives a patent for its rounded edge and surface technology
  • 2004: Partnered with 3M® to introduce Scotchgard™ Protector to a multitude of Congoleum products

This small sample of patents awarded to Congoleum demonstrates Congoleum`s many advantages in the marketplace. Our strong history, state-of-the-art product technology, detailed approach to development, and our intense focus on resilient flooring gives us the advantage over other manufacturers in the industry.

Congoleum is committed to paying close attention to how families live and engineers products specifically to meet our customers` needs for their lifestyles. Congoleum floors are versatile, durable, easy to care for and available in an unparalleled selection of colors and styles. Congoleum`s advantages will become your advantages when you bring us into your home.