Commercial Care for Flor-Ever

Flor-Ever Plus has a no-wax surface that requires minimum maintenance. Spray buffing is recommended to maintain and restore the gloss and remove scuffs that may occur with use. Floor polish is generally not required; however, it will provide added protection in areas of heavy traffic.

Initial and Regular Maintenance

Allow adhesive and seam sealer to dry a minimum of 48 hours before washing the floor.

Vacuum, sweep, or dust daily with an untreated mop to remove loose dirt and grit.

Damp-mop regularly with a dilute solution of No-Rinse Cleaner and water. Use a more concentrated solution of No-Rinse Cleaner following all label instructions for heavily soiled floors. Rinsing may be necessary to remove heavy soil.

Spray Buffing

To refurbish and restore the gloss, clean the floor thoroughly and spray buff with a low speed machine (170 to 600 RPM) equipped with a white buffing pad. A dilute solution (1 part polish/2 parts water) can be used for spray buffing.


Floor polish will provide additional protection in areas of high traffic.

Thoroughly clean and rinse the floor.

Allow to dry and apply two to five coats of floor polish.

Spray buff occasionally to restore the gloss.

After repeated spray buffing operations, additional coats of polish should be applied.

Periodically (once or twice a year) strip the floor polish to avoid build-up.

Use a floor machine (170 to 330 RPM) equipped with a tan or red pad and a liquid stripping solution.

Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the residual polish and stripping solution.

Rinse the floor thoroughly with a clean mop, changing water frequently. Allow to dry.

Re-apply two to five coats of floor polish.

Caution: Severe or extensive damage to the floor will occur if a floor machine is used improperly or carelessly.