Do It Yourself Installation

Do-it-yourself projects can be enjoyable and a great way to build different skills, learn something new and spend time with a friend, your kids, or your spouse. Do-it-yourself projects give you something to be proud of and to show off as something created with lots of love.

If you have the time, DIY projects can often save you money and will enrich the experience of owning a home. When you put your sweat and tears, but hopefully not blood, into a project, you are more apt to maintain it and keep it looking fresh.

When attempting a DIY project, it is important to note what tools and materials you need in order to complete the project correctly. It is also crucial to understand your skills at handling these tools and working with them safely. When it comes to installing resilient flooring there are many different DIY skill levels that can install flooring. Compare our DIY guide with the difficulty level of installing various categories of Congoleum`s residential resilient flooring products to determine what you think you can tackle.

The Beginner DIYer

  • Is relatively new to DIY projects
  • Likes weekend projects that can be completed in a day or two
  • Eagerly tackles projects such as painting a room or changing cabinet handles

The Intermediate DIYer

  • Often tackles DIY projects and likes to put their skills to use
  • Likes weekend projects but is willing to take on a longer project if necessary
  • Is experienced in DIY projects such as installing a deck or changing a sink

The Advanced DIYer

  • Almost professional level of `handiness` and extremely experienced with DIY projects
  • Can handle projects with a longer completion time frame
  • Tackles other tough DIY projects such as electrical work, plumbing or carpentry