Installation Technology

Installation is a major aspect of the flooring industry. As the homeowner, you see the beautifully designed and styled look of your floor on the surface, but a careless or poor installation job can greatly affect the finished look of your room. If your installer does not pay careful attention to the moisture levels of the subfloor or what type of material the subfloor is made of, the product you spent potentially thousands of dollars on could be ruined. If you are doing the installation yourself, make sure to read our installation brochures and tips about the product you are installing.

Congoleum understands the importance of installation, and just how much a good installation job will make a room look stunning. Because of this, we spend much of our research and development on making sure the installation of our products is as smooth and easy as it can possibly be. Congoleum has developed installation technology and techniques that will ultimately save you time and money. In most cases, Congoleum is the only company in the industry that provides technical installation solutions for our products, but we believe it is truly important.