Choosing a styled transition over a metal moulding will help to complete the look of your room. Stylish mouldings contribute an element of polished sophistication to the flooring and provide a completed look to your décor. Congoleum transitions compliment most of Congoleum`s products and can be used to transition a Congoleum product and any other flooring type.

Coordinating transitions are specially designed to coordinate with Congoleum floors.

Congoleum has a unique offering of transition mouldings that match the most popular DuraCeramic grout colors. This allows you to grout your floor and provide a seamless cross over into another room, or with an ungrouted floor, the moulding color will be an impeccable counterpart to the flooring color tones. For plank products our offering of wood colors will provide a wide variety of choice when connecting two wood tones or transitioning from resilient plank to carpet.

CT100 • Shaded White

CT101 • Briar Wood

CT102 • Cabot Trail

CT103 • Gray Fog

CT104 • North Creek Brown

CT105 • Fallen Timber

CT106 • Sherwood Tan

CT107 • Richmond Gold

CT108 • Sedona Brown

CT109 • Glenwood Brown

CT110 • Roxbury Caramel

CT111 • Buckhorn

CT112 • Harvest Bronze

CT113 • Indian River

CT114 • Woodcliff

CT115 • Shorewood

CT116 • Tyler Taupe

CT117 • Pony Brown

CT118 • Sequoia

CT119 • Burlap

CT120 • Rich Earth

CT121 • Hearth Brown

CT122 • Amber Waves

CT123 • Stone Brown

CT124 • Rustic Taupe

CT125 • Dellwood Sand

CT126 • Copley Gray

CT127 • Smoky Ash

CT128 • Winds Breath

CT129 • Dusty Road

CT130 • Beach Point

CT131 • Foggy Brown

CT132 • Putnam Putty