Nylon & Aluminum Oxide

In the 1970s Congoleum realized that consumers not only found style and design important when choosing a floor covering; consumers wanted flooring that would fit their lifestyle. This meant an extremely durable floor that would not rip, tear, gouge, scuff or stain when it went up against their active family lives. Congoleum finds that this is still true today.

In the 1970s Congoleum introduced the Chromabond Protector System. This was the first wearlayer additive that provided increased strength and durability to the floor. This system was a top seller and extremely popular, until in the 1980s when Congoleum introduced an improved system, called the Scuff Tuff wearlayer. This not only provided improved durability, but prevented stains and scuffs, issues consumers still complained about with their active families. This too proved to be a successful system, until Congoleum once again made a drastic improvement in early 2000.

In 2000, Congoleum introduced the first product ever to be introduced with an almost indestructible surface that incorporated both Nylon and Aluminum Oxide into the surface wearlayer. These two additives created a wearlayer that prevented scratching and kept the floor looking like new. The nylon provided new realistic texture to the surface of resilient flooring that had never been seen before. It also provided a toughness that the industry had never before experienced. Aluminum Oxide provided the same benefits as Nylon, providing scuff, stain and scratch resistance. The products that incorporated this additive were more durable than any others on the market.

Today Congoleum still utilizes these technologies in the wearlayers of our products to ensure our products can withstand the activity of any home. You will see a noticeable difference in our products that include Nylon or Aluminum Oxide.