Silver: "The Metal On a Mission"

Congoleum fuses silver into the wear surface of many of the products that we manufacture. Ever wonder WHY?

Silver is a natural antibacterial agent that has an extensive history of use for medicinal and healing purposes and has long been regarded as a potent antibiotic and antibacterial agent.

Dating back to the 1800s bandaging and treating wounds with silver was common place.


In the early 1900s silver coins were dropped into milk bottles and water tanks to prolong the freshness.

Today, silver is still used to treat newborn infant`s eyes to prevent infections, to heal severe skin burns and even to prevent bacterial growth inside catheters.

Silver has a toxic effect on bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae, without toxicity to humans or animals. Silver interferes with bacterial growth by blocking the metabolism of the bacteria. The silver ion forms strong molecular bonds with substances such as sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen that are used by bacteria to survive. When this occurs the substances become useless to the bacteria, eventually leading to their elimination.

Not only is silver beneficial in the medical industry, silver also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on clothing, reducing odor and risk of infection.

With floor covering, a potential area for high levels of bacterial and fungi growth, the silver particles help to diffuse and eliminate any growth of bacteria, algae, fungi or viruses, keeping the home cleaner, safer and more allergen free. Congoleum has many flooring options that incorporate Silver into the wear surface that are sure to please with their design, style and cleanability.