Connections: Smartlink Installation System

Congoleum utilizes our SmartLink Installation System on two of our plank products. Because of the SmartLink System, Connections and Carefree Plank are glueless products. These products can be installed as a floating floor and don`t need additional adhesive of any kind.

The SmartLink System is a strip of aerospace adhesive film that is adhered to each plank. To install the planks, simply remove the protective film of one plank and press another plank into the adhesive strip.

The adhesive film is made from the same material that Boeing® uses to build airplanes in the early manufacturing stages. The film provides incredible tensile strength to the product, so that the planks cannot be easily pulled apart. Not only is the adhesive film extremely tough, but the bond between the planks increases over time, providing even greater peace of mind with both the security of the flooring and the ease of installation and removal.

The SmarkLink system is unique only to Congoleum, providing a tough, durable bond with an adhesive free installation system.