Underflor Technology: Save Time and Money

Underflor is an installation system that only Congoleum offers. Underflor can be used with a number of Congoleum products. The benefit of utilizing Underflor to install Congoleum tile and plank products is the ease of change. If you are one who enjoys new styles and designs and always wants the latest products and looks, Underflor is the perfect installation tool.

Underflor provides a smooth surface on which to install product over the subfloor. Utilizing Underflor allows you to create a floating floor installation. A floating floor installation hides subfloor irregularities, and allows for removal of the product without damage to the subfloor when you are ready for a new style. Underflor provides this floating floor option for products that would typically need to be fully adhered to the subfloor.

Using Underflor will often save you a great deal of both time and money in the first installation of your product and any flooring product you install as your tastes and styles change.