DuraCeramic: Origins 16″ x 16″
Collection: Pacific Marble
Color: Light Greige

Pacific Marble brings an upscale look to any room. Pacific Marble features a smooth and elegant texture with rich colorations that gives the look of a brilliant marble while creating a warm living atmosphere.


Pattern Size: 16″ x 16″
Style: Stone/Tile
Wearlayer: Urethane Scotchgard
Installation: Glue down with or without grout
Warranty: Lifetime




Scotchgard™ repels dirt and mess for easy cleanability
Silver particles provide natural antibacterial protection against common allergens
Contributes to good indoor air quality
Finished product proudly MADE IN THE USA!
Design Options: Install with or without grout
Warmer and more comfortable underfoot – easier on joints than traditional ceramic tile