Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Congoleum floor?

Congoleum flooring products are available at retail stores in the USA and Canada. Visit our store locator to find the name and address of your nearest retailer.

Where can I get information about caring for my floor?

Complete maintenance information about Congoleum products can be found in Floor Care, you can download our Congoleum Floor Care Guide to have all our recommendations at your fingertips.

Where can I learn more about my product’s warranty?

Complete warranty information for Congoleum products can be found on the Warranty page.

Where can I buy your floor care products?

The complete line of Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy floor care products are available though most local Congoleum retailers. You can also buy our products online.

How should I maintain my new Congoleum floor?

All resilient floors require regular care to maintain their like new good looks. Congoleum floors are easy to care for and will provide years of satisfaction if you follow these simple maintenance suggestions:
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove any loose grit or dirt
  • Wipe up spills promptly with a damp cloth or mop
  • Wash your floor with Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy No-Rinse Cleaner
As will all resilient floors, the gloss level may change over time depending on the amount of traffic, care and maintenance the floor receives. To restore the appearance, simply apply Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy Floor Polish (03002) to obtain a high gloss finish or Congoleum Bright ‘N Easy Satin Gloss Floor Polish (03007) to obtain a satin gloss finish.” Complete care and maintenance information can be found in Floor Care or download the Congoleum Floor Care Guide to keep our recommendations at your fingertips.

Will the Congoleum warranty be void if the floor is installed and maintained with non-Congoleum products?

We recommend the use of Congoleum adhesives, seam sealers and floor care products because they have been formulated specifically for, and extensively tested on, our products. The warranty on your Congoleum floor will not be voided if you use non-Congoleum products. However, problems caused or contributed to, by the use of adhesives, seam sealers and floor care products not distributed by Congoleum are not covered under the warranty.

Should I use polish on my new Congoleum floor?

Do not apply polish on AirStep Advantage, AirStep Evolution or AirStep Plus. These products contain Scotchgard Protector in the wearlayer that already provides excellent protection. For other Congoleum floors, application of polish will provide additional protection, so we recommend using it as part of your regular maintenance.

Can I place area rugs or walk off mats over my Congoleum floor?

We recommend using non-staining, 100% latex-backed mats or rugs because some rubber-backed mats or carpets may permanently stain your floor. Check with the rug manufacturer to find out if the rug is safe to put over a Congoleum floor.

Will furniture and chair legs damage my Congoleum floor?

Furniture legs should have large surface, non-staining floor protectors. Chair leg glides should be covered with felt pads. The felt pads should be checked periodically for grit and wear and replaced when necessary. Chairs with casters should have easily swiveling casters that are at least 2” in diameter with non-staining hard rubber treads at least ¾” wide. Do not use ball-shaped casters.

What is Scotchgard™ Protector?

Congoleum is the only company to infuse Scotchgard™ Protector into a resilient flooring product. Scotchgard™ Protector is a built-in stain and soil repellent to help keep floors looking great. It makes maintenance easy by resisting soil, dirt and dust; repelling oily and watery stains; resisting scuffing and repelling sticky substances.

What is the Your Choice Installation System? What is the Your Choice Plus Installation System?

All Congoleum resilient sheet products can be installed fully adhered or perimeter installed. These products are classified with the Your Choice Installation System. Congoleum’s AirStep products can be installed fully adhered, perimeter installed or loose laid. These products are classified with the Your Choice Plus Installation System. There are advantages to each method. Ask your retailer about the best method for your installation.