Internet Purchase Policy

Over the last 125 years, Congoleum has focused on making innovative, high quality flooring products. Congoleum products are sold through independent distributors and are available through your local flooring retail store and major home centers throughout the United States and Canada.

We are also aware that our products are being sold on the internet and would like to state our position relative to these internet sales. The internet offers a wealth of information allowing you to do considerable research on-line and become a more educated consumer. Congoleum’s website provides information about our products and a store locater to assist you in finding local Congoleum retail stores.

Flooring can be a major purchase for you. When it comes to making a flooring purchase, we strongly recommend that you deal directly with a Congoleum retailer. Please think about the following before you make a Congoleum flooring purchase. A Congoleum retailer is able to talk with you in-depth, get to know you and your needs, provide decorating assistance, and follow through post-purchase for service and satisfaction. You may get a lower price buying on line however, ask yourself the following questions:

Will you get advice on what type of flooring will best suit your needs?
Will you receive any decorating and design advice?
Will you get a trained professional to measure your floor to ensure that you buy the correct amount of flooring?
Will an expert visit your home to determine if your subfloor is acceptable?
Will shipping costs negate some or all of the savings?
Will your flooring arrive at your site undamaged?
How will you know what specialized tools and installation supplies you will need?
Who will install the flooring?
What happens once the floor is installed if there is a problem?
Far and away the major cause of consumer unhappiness with flooring appearance is substandard installation. Congoleum retailers are able to make sure that your floor will be installed by professionals who are familiar with Congoleum products.

Finally, Congoleum cannot guarantee that flooring purchased over the internet is “first-quality” current product. Only “first quality” flooring is covered by Congoleum’s warranty. Also consider the fact that if you have a problem with your flooring installation, who will come to your home and remedy the problem for you?

You can always find a cheaper price, but please consider more than just price when buying your new Congoleum floor.