AirStep and Ultratec: Exclusive Technology

AirStep is a Congoleum exclusive in the flooring industry. The AirStep products developed by Congoleum are the better alternative to fiberglass. The AirStep products utilize a product construction technology, called UltraTec that relates directly to an installation technology and advantage of the products in this category.

AirStep products have been constructed to have controlled stability, rather than the dimensional stability of fiberglass products. This means that as the home contracts, due to cooler weather in the winter and expands with warmer weather in the summers; your AirStep floor will do the same, preventing gaps at the perimeter. Whereas with fiberglass floors, which are dimensionally stable, when the home contracts your flooring stays the same size, potentially creating buckles and bunches in the middle of the room. When the home expands with warm weather, the floor stays the same size, leading to gaps at the perimeter of the room. AirStep`s inimitable construction truly allows for installation advantages. The Congoleum AirStep products can be loose laid, perimeter adhered or fully adhered over a wide variety of substrates, without the worry of buckling. AirStep products are the only products in the industry that offer a lay flat, stay flat, no buckle guarantee.

This advantage of the AirStep products comes from their UltraTec construction. Rather than a fiberglass inner liner, AirStep uses a felt inner liner, which allows for the small amount of size change necessary with natural temperature changes. The products are back coated with the same amount of vinyl that is used on the top layer allowing the product to remain flat when loose laid.

Having the option to loose lay a resilient sheet floor is a huge installation technological advancement. Floating floors hide subfloor irregularities. This allows you to put your money into the portion of the floor that will be seen and used daily, rather than the flooring underneath that is never seen. UltraTec as a technology has greatly improved the resilient sheet market and installation as we know it today.