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  • AirStep Floors For People with Allergies
  • AirStep Floors For People with Allergies

    Autumn is almost here, bringing with it a sense of transition as trees loss their leaves and weather cools. That is, unless you’re among the 50 million Americans with nasal allergies. Allergies affect up to 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children and are nothing to sneeze at whether they occur seasonally or year-round. Since nasal allergies and ragweed production often ramp up during fall, now is the ideal time to think outside the tissue box for a way to lower your exposure. Surprisingly, AirStep flooring can help with that!

    “Pollen that comes into homes through open windows or on the bottoms of shoes is easily swept or mopped from hard surface floors. With carpeting, those allergens aren’t so readily removed. The same holds true with pet dander and dust mites,” says Pat Buckley, Vice President of Product Development. “That’s why AirStep recommends hard surface floors for people with allergies and why more and more people are turning to their new floors as a way to help manage their symptoms.

    Manufacturing floors that contribute to good indoor air quality is a priority for AirStep. We also believe in independent third party testing to help offer additional assurances that any AirStep floor you select will the best pick for your family.

    All AirStep floors are certified asthma & allergy friendly which means they have been scientifically tested and is proven to be more suitable for asthma sufferers.

    When crafting our floors, AirStep uses only UV and water-based finishes that contain no VOC’s. They meet, or exceed, the formaldehyde levels set forth in CARB Phase I and II—the most stringent emissions laws in the world.

    These floors are also FloorScore certified which means that they been independently tested and certified by SCS Global Services, a respected third party testing organization.

    AirStep floors won’t trap dust, pet dander and other allergens and are also designed for easy cleaning using a soft dry dusting mop or vacuum cleaner (with a gentle brush or felt head -not a beater bar). For heavier cleaning, use Bright N’ Easy, a non-toxic, water-based product that doesn’t dull or leave residue behind.

    All AirStep floors are manufactured using 85% limestone composite with zero PVC, plasticizers, phthalates or chloro-chemicals. These floors are also FloorScore® certified, NSF / ANSI 332 Platinum certified and contribute to credits for green building systems like LEED.

    And for protection from more than airborne allergens, all AirStep floors are also crafted with 3M’s revolutionary Scotchgard technology that delivers protection from spills, standing moisture and messes.

    Change is in the air. So are airborne allergens. Do all you can to decrease their impact by making wise choices for your home, especially when it comes to flooring. To see our full line-up of floors designed to help you manage allergens in your home, head to your nearest AirStep retailer.