Resilient Flooring 101

Resilient flooring is the ideal product choice for homes of contemporary or traditional style, active households or quiet ones and young and old alike. Resilient flooring, also called vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl flooring (LVT), offer an array of designs and colors that allow you to create the perfect look without the worry of conventional flooring choices. Resilient is a category of flooring that offers floors in every budget, from high-end to low. Product types include sheet, tiles and planks. Choosing resilient flooring will allow you to get the look you desire and the durability you need to keep up with your life.

GETTING STARTED – First, you should consider all your options, and decide which Congoleum floor best fits your lifestyle and decorating style.


Luxury Tile & Plank

Luxury Tile

Luxury vinyl tile, like DuraCeramic, is a new and expanding category of resilient flooring that provides upscale tile looks but in an array of colors and designs that cannot be found in ceramic tile. Resilient tile is warmer underfoot and easier on joints that traditional ceramic tiles.

Luxury Plank

Resilient wood planks, like those found in the Timeless by Congoleum line, provide realistic wood looks, with all the benefits of resilient. There’s no need to worry about water damage with resilient wood, in stark contrast to laminate or hardwood, which can easily be ruined by water. Luxury plank absorbs sound, so there is no noisy reverberation when you walk through your home.


Luxury Sheet Flooring

Congoleum has been manufacturing luxury sheet flooring also known as ‘sheet vinyl’ for decades. But today’s sheet vinyl is not your old fashioned linoleum. Modern printing and embossing technology allows for extremely realistic replication of natural looks and textures like stone, slate, and wood. Congoleum luxury sheet flooring offers incomparable cushiony softness underfoot combined with easy maintenance.


Vinyl Composition Tile

Congoleum Vinyl Composition Tile is a 12 in. x 12 in vinyl tile composed of vinyl and limestone primarily used in commercial and industrial applications due to its extreme durability. VCT performs beautifully under the highest traffic, highest maintenance conditions.