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  • Why Triversa Prime Outshines Ceramic Tile
  • Why Triversa Prime Outshines Ceramic Tile

    Embracing the forefront of flooring innovation, luxury vinyl tile has become a dominant force in the industry, and its popularity is well-founded. As technology progresses, our approach to home flooring evolves, making luxury vinyl tile a superior choice over ceramic tile. Here are seven compelling reasons why opting for luxury vinyl tile is a smarter decision:

    1. Cost-Effective: Luxury vinyl tile stands out as a more budget-friendly option compared to ceramic tile. While ceramics may rival the cost of hardwood or high-quality carpet, luxury vinyl tile is not only economical in terms of materials but also boasts a 40% lower installation cost.
    2. Efficiency at its Core: The installation of ceramic tile demands significant labor and time investment, often requiring professional assistance for proper implementation. On the contrary, luxury vinyl tile is DIY-friendly and impressively quick to install – a process that takes 60% less time than ceramic tile. Triversa Prime® by Congoleum® luxury vinyl tile floors even eliminate the need to remove existing hard surface flooring, allowing for direct installation.
    3. Durability Redefined: Both luxury vinyl tile and ceramic tile are recognized for their durability. However, ceramic tiles are prone to chipping and cracking over time, especially when subjected to heavy impacts. Luxury vinyl tile emerges as a more resilient option, making it preferable for households with children or pets.
    4. Aesthetic Allure: Luxury vinyl tile offers a diverse range of looks that closely resemble ceramic tiles. Leveraging photographic technology, vinyl convincingly mimics the appearance of ceramic, creating a nearly indistinguishable replica. This added layer not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the tiles’ ability to withstand prolonged use.
    5. Cleaner Installation: The preparation for ceramic tile installation involves a messy process of ripping up existing flooring and ensuring a level surface. This results in excess dust during installation. In contrast, luxury vinyl tile, especially the Triversa Prime floating floors, minimizes dust during cutting and is easier to maintain cleanliness post-installation.
    6. Instant Utilization: Unlike ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile eliminates the waiting time for the floor to cure or dry. It allows for immediate use, providing convenience and efficiency in the installation process.
    7. Versatile Adaptability: For those who appreciate changing trends and home design elements, luxury vinyl tile presents a more flexible option. Unlike the permanence of ceramic tile installation, floating luxury vinyl tile floors are easier to remove and replace, accommodating evolving preferences seamlessly.